Selling Your Property

The Selling Process


When choosing an estate agent, consider their professionalism, their local presence in the market and what kind of advertising your property will ultimately receive. These are some key factors to obtaining maximum exposure and price for your property.


We understand that it would always be in the best interest of our clients to sell a property in the shortest possible time, for the best possible price, so that is our aim. With current technology and local knowledge our experts have access to comparable sales from the whole market for property values in your area. We can see who is selling, who has recently sold, what price the property sold for and how long it took to sell.


You have a role to play here, you never get a second chance to make a first impression and “kerb appeal” counts. Try to leave the property clean and tidy every day, and sort all of those little DIY jobs around the house before your first buyer turns up.

Declutter the rooms and add a fresh coat of paint if possible. Have a walk through your home and look from a buyer’s prospective, does anything stand out to you that may put a buyer off? If so, you have time to rectify it.

When you property is ready, our photographer can take digital wide angle HDR photos, create 360 virtual tours, draw a digital floorplan, and write comprehensive and detailed property descriptions, all in just one visit, so please ensure your home is at its best.


When a buyer is viewing your home we understand they may have other properties to look at in the same day or even spread over several days, by ensuring your advertising photos are at their best we can also safeguard a good second and third impression, as the buyer will tend re-visit the website and have another look at the photos as a reminder, this can also act as an aid to making a decision. We offer a comprehensive marketing package including maximum exposure across a wide range of media listed on all major property websites and have a vast database of potential buyers and investors.


We can offer a different approach to viewings here at Sell and Save. We can of course accompany the viewings when needed or upon request, but in today’s market along with busy lifestyles, we have found that many vendors would like to save time and money by doing their own. We can take away the painstaking hassle of waiting for the agent to arrange a time for you we will exchange your number putting the potential buyer and the vendor in direct contact straight away, speeding the whole process up.


We will inform you of every single offer that comes in both verbally and in writing, this is usually done on the very same day the offer comes in.

It is usually at this point that any conditions of the offer are discussed, for example ‘a speedy completion’; these conditions will be put down in writing for the avoidance of doubt. The buyer will also have to prove that they have the funds in place to proceed with the purchase at this stage.


Once you accept an offer from a prospective buyer we will do the following:

  • Ensure they are in a position to move forward and have the mortgage in principle
  • Write to both the vendor and buyer confirming the agreed sale price
  • Issue the memorandum of sale to both solicitors

The solicitor will then start the sales process, they will issue draft contracts, dates will be set for the buyer to have their survey done and then in time there will be a date set for exchange with completion following soon after.

We can advise you and help you through this process if you are on our commission pack, helping you through this very stressful process, keeping you informed as it progresses.


The successful sale of your property can be reliant on the instruction of an efficient and experienced solicitor. It is a good idea to do some research and make a decision before you put your property on the market as this will help to avoid delays.

We can offer recommendations if required.


Completion takes place a few days after exchange normally and is when all the outstanding funds for the purchase are moved from the buyer to the Vendor. The solicitors will deal with this and inform us once all the money has been moved across giving us authority to release the keys to the new owner.