Tips For Selling

10 Top Tips for Selling

1. Front Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a front garden or driveway it is vital that it is kept clean, tidy and free from rubbish. Try to move the bins away from the front of the house. First impressions do count.

2. Entrance Door

The front door is the focal point of the house so you should repaint it to freshen it up and only use a tasteful colour when doing so, even add some fresh house numbers if the old ones are looking tired. This along with the now tidy front garden will increase the kerb appeal hugely.

3. The Hallway

This is the first part of the inside that any prospective buyer will see, so it must be free of clutter and painted in a light neutral colour also update the lighting if needed as the entrance hall must be light. You can add a splash of colour using things like rugs and wall art if needed.

4. Internal Lighting

Good lighting throughout the house is important; it will give your house a light and airy feel, the whole house will come alive so replace any old drab lights with fresh modern ones.

5. Good Decor

Possibly one of the most important things within a property, get it wrong and it is a potential disaster, but get it right and it could sell your home for you. Redecorate where needed and keep it relatively neutral but ensure that the job is done correctly.

6. Modernise

This does not mean a total rip out of the kitchen and bathrooms, simply install new taps (if needed), kitchen cupboard handles and things like mirrors, also along with the updated lighting stated in point four it will freshen up the whole house.

7. De-clutter

One of the most common mistakes a vendor makes is leaving a property cluttered, you have to remove a lot of personal items and pictures, potential buyers need to be able to see their possessions’ in there and if a property is cluttered it makes it difficult for them to do so. Pack it up and move it out.

8. Rear Garden

This is one area you should pay particular attention to and spend a little money if needed. Make sure the grass is always short, there are no weeds or moss on the patio, add some pots with flowers to add a little colour and if possible get some nice patio furniture. Leave absolutely no rubbish and get rid of the old rusty child’s swing.

9. No Pets

Not everyone likes them! If you are a pet lover that is great but there are a lot of people that are not so please try and remove the pet(s) from the house for viewings as well as all evidence that there is one living there, including any smells, bedding and bowls etc.

10. Cleaning

When people view a property they want to see that it is being kept immaculately. Have a thorough clean prior to the viewing, putting all the laundry and pots away are vital things you must do, and nobody wants to see your underwear. It needs to be a show home for just an hour or so.